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Coming Soon to the MLS as of October 18, 2021

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Each week we find the latest list of properties that will be coming on the market, but not yet available to the public. Below is a list of coming soon & off-market properties in Northern Virginia for this week. To find out more information about any of these properties, please call our office at 703-420-3499 or click on the property link to request additional information.


ARLINGTON$1,185,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 20

AURORA HILLS$1,200,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: November 1

BARCROFT FOREST$875,000, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: October 28

CARVER PLACE$910,000, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: October 23

CLARENDON 1021$540,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 20

COLUMBIA FOREST$657,000, 2br/1.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: October 21

COLUMBIA PLACE$639,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 19

COUNTRY CLUB MANOR$1,200,000, 3br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: October 20

COUNTRY CLUB MANOR$1,199,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: October 25

FAIRLINGTON VILLAGES$515,000, 1br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: October 21

GLEBEWOOD$609,990, 2br/2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: October 20

GROVE AT ARLINGTON$465,900, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: November 2

HALLS HILL$825,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: November 5

HEATHERLEA$300,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 20

HEATHERLEA$499,999, 2br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 22

LORCOM HOUSE$325,000, 2br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 23

LYON PARK$1,200,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: October 20

MILBURN TERRACE$774,000, 1br/1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: October 19

ODYSSEY$519,000, 2br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 19

RIVER PLACE EAST$129,900, 0br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 19

SHIRLEY WOODS$1,299,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: November 4

THE BRITTANY$230,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: October 20