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Off Market Properties

The following properties are considered “Off Market” and therefore not available by searching online.  These have been identified through our internal network of partner agents.  To find out more about any of the properties listed, please call our office at 703-420-3499.  

Arlington, VA – Single Family Home in Rock Spring Neighborhood.  4 bedrooms, 3 baths on large flat lot.  

Arlington, VA – 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo in Rosslyn neighborhood. 

East Falls Church, VA – New construction – 2 new properties

McLean, VA – Large corner lot – good opportunity for a renovation or a full new home build.

West Springfield, VA – New construction – 12 new properties

Coming Soon to the MLS in
Northern Virginia

Coming Soon to the MLS as of June 14, 2021

315 New Listings

Each week we find the latest list of properties that will be coming on the market, but not yet available to the public. Below is a list of coming soon & off-market properties in Northern Virginia for this week. To find out more information about any of these properties, please call our office at 703-420-3499 or click on the property link to request additional information.


ABINGDON$975,000, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 2

ALEXANDRIA$650,000, 2br/1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

ALEXANDRIA$825,000, 2br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 29

AMBERLEIGH$485,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

BEAUREGARD HEIGHTS$574,900, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

BRADDOCK PLACE$799,900, 2br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

BUCKNELL MANOR$569,900, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 29

CAMERON STATION$749,900, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

CHAPEL HILL$2,125,000, 5br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

COLCHESTER TOWNE$140,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 22

DEL RAY$1,199,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

DEL RAY$1,875,000, 5br/5ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30

EDSALL RD T/H$625,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

EXCHANGE AT VAN DORN$284,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 18

FLEETSIDE$575,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 25

GROVE AT HUNTLEY MEADOWS$539,900, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

HOLLY ACRES$569,999, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

HUNTINGTON$549,900, 3br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

JEFFERSON MANOR$620,000, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 24

KINGSTOWN$619,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

KINGSTOWNE$545,000, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

KINGSTOWNE$680,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

KINGSTOWNE$560,000, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

KINGSTOWNE$649,950, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 26

LANDSDOWNE$450,000, 2br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

LINCOLNIA PARK$1,094,000, 5br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30

LOFTRIDGE$600,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 28

MASON DISTRICT$649,900, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 1

MOUNT ZEPHYR COMMONS$649,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

MT VERNON LAKES$205,999, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 25

NETHERGATE$775,000, 2br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 19

NONE AVAILABLE$799,900, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: November 1

OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA$949,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 1

OLD TOWN GREENS$995,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

OLD TOWN HISTORIC$699,900, 2br/1.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

PARK FAIRFAX$340,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 15

PARKFAIRFAX$495,000, 3br/1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 25

PINECREST$635,000, 2br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 19

POINTE AT PARK CENTER$269,900, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 17

POTOMAC GREENS$925,000, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 25

POTOWMACK CROSSING$325,000, 2br/1.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 17

SEMINARY PARK$619,900, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

SEMINARY RIDGE$1,300,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 21

SEMINARY VALLEY$734,900, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 28

SENTINEL OF LANDMARK$259,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 24

SEQUOYAH$215,000, 2br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 15

SEQUOYAH$185,000, 1br/1.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 17

SUMMERS GROVE$549,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 22

THE GROVE AT HUNTLEY MEADOWS$539,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

TIERS OF MANCHESTER LAKE$399,900, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 16

TIMBER BRANCH PARK$924,900, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

VIRGINIA HILLS$525,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

VIRGINIA HILLS$575,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

WATERGATE AT LANDMARK$256,900, 2br/1.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 28

WELLINGTON$2,795,000, 6br/4.3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 15

WICKFORD$675,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

YACHT HAVEN$900,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17



CHAPEL HILL$887,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

CHAPEL HILL$895,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

HERITAGE VILLAGE$487,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

LITTLE RIVER SQUARE$185,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 2

MOORE AND KEITH$875,000, 4br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

ROYAL COURT$518,500, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 29

SPRINGBROOK FOREST$750,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25



ADAMS HOUSE$329,900, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 16

ADDISON HEIGHTS$964,000, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 29

ARLINGTON$1,190,000, 7br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

CLARENDON PARK$1,289,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

COUNTRY CLUB$1,750,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

COUNTRY CLUB HILLS$3,175,000, 5br/5.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

DOUGLAS PARK$739,900, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

FOSTORIA$1,200,000, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

HYDE PARK$299,900, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 24

LONG BRANCH$549,900, 3br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

LYON PARK$988,000, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

MEMORIAL PARK$944,000, 3br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

NEW ARLINGTON$1,350,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

NONE AVAILABLE$489,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 25

NONE AVAILABLE$1,999,900, 1br/1.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30

NONE AVAILABLE$2,135,600, 6br/5.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 31

OVER LEE KNOLLS$984,900, 4br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

THE ARLINGTON$385,000, 2br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 17



BURKE CENTRE CONSERVANCY$549,000, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

BURKE STATION SQUARE$480,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

BURKE STATION SQUARE$649,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 1

CARDINAL ESTATES$510,000, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

CAROLINE OAKS$559,900, 2br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

HILLSDALE$485,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

LAKE BRADDOCK$489,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 19

LAKE BRADDOCK$716,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

LAKEPOINTE$539,000, 4br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

SIGNAL HILL$624,900, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 15



CENTRE RIDGE$510,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

COMPTON VILLAGE$499,900, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

COMPTON VILLAGE$500,000, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

COUNTRY CLUB MANOR$615,000, 3br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

COUNTRY CLUB MANOR$589,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

FAIRCREST$825,000, 6br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

GREEN TRAILS$550,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

HERITAGE ESTATES$461,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 25

HUNT CHASE$1,350,000, 6br/6ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

NONE AVAILABLE$899,000, 6br/4.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 29

PENDLETON PARK$475,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

SEQUOIA FARMS$650,000, 3br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

SINGLETONS GROVE$50,0,500, 4br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

SULLY STATION$525,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 24

SULLY STATION II$495,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 15

SULLY STATION II$715,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

VIRGINIA RUN$849,999, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

XANADU ESTATES$659,900, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17



AVONLEA$699,900, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

POPLAR TREE$789,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

POPLAR TREE$849,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 26

SOUTH RIDING$599,900, 3br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 1

SOUTH VILLAGE$1,050,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

WALNEY VILLAGE$484,900, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17



CAMERON GLEN$745,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 29

CHANDLER GROVE$929,990, 6br/5.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

CIRCLE WOODS$609,900, 4br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

COVINGTON$530,000, 4br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

CRESTMONT TOWNHOUSES$748,500, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

EL HOGAN$849,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

ESTATES OF BURKE CHASE$875,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

FAIR LAKES$679,000, 4br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 26

FAIR LAKES$365,000, 2br/2.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 1

FAIR WOODS$599,950, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 5

FAIRFAX ACRES$750,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 3

FAIRFAX CLUB ESTATES$775,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

FAIRFAX RIDGE CONDOS$389,900, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 15

FAIRFAX VILLA$619,900, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

FRANKLIN GLEN$879,950, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

GOINS MANOR$590,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 20

GREENBRIAR$649,990, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

GREENBRIAR$640,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 19

GREENBRIAR$698,500, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 28

GREENS AT FAIR LAKES$645,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

HAMPTON FOREST$900,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

KENSINGTON MANOR$937,900, 4br/4.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

KINGS PARK WEST$724,500, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

KINGS PARK WEST$699,900, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

LINDEN SQUARE$575,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 21

LINDSAY PARK$815,000, 5br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

LITTLE RIVER HILLS$714,900, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

MANTUA$985,000, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

MANTUA$830,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

MANTUA$789,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

MOSBY WOODS$690,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

MOSBY WOODS$725,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

PENDERBROOK$609,900, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

RIDGE TOP ROAD$525,000, 2br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 24

RIDGELEA HILLS$995,000, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

RIDGELEA HILLS$935,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

RUTHERFORD$650,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

SAINTSBURY PLAZA$479,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 17

SHERMAN OAKS$1,449,000, 6br/5ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

TWINBROOK$449,900, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

WESCOTT RIDGE$499,900, 3br/2.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 18

WINDSOR MEWS$599,900, 4br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 24

ZION MEWS$945,000, 5br/5ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16



ARDMORE WOODS$960,000, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

CROSSPOINTE$950,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

CROSSPOINTE$849,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

CROSSPOINTE$825,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

CROSSPOINTE$949,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

FAIRFAX STATION$865,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18



CHERRY HILL TOWNHOUSES$770,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

DEARBORN TERRACE$1,275,000, 4br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30

FALLS HILL$950,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

GREENWAY DOWNS$799,999, 4br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

GREENWAY DOWNS$625,000, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

NEW PROVIDENCE VILLAGE$350,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 19

NONE AVAILABLE$815,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

NONE AVAILABLE$625,000, 3br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

NONE AVAILABLE$799,000, 3br/1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 28

OFFUTT VILLAGE$825,900, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

PIMMIT HILLS$700,000, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

PINEWOOD GREENS$570,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

REITER SUB$879,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

SKYLINE PLAZA$249,900, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 16

WESTMORELAND SQUARE$699,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

WINTER HILL$530,000, 3br/2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30



AMBERWOODS OF GREAT FALLS$885,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

ESTATES AT LOWES$1,690,000, 6br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 15

FALCON RIDGE$2,200,000, 5br/4.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

FALCON RIDGE$3,899,000, 7br/8.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 1

MARMOTA FARM$5,500,000, 7br/8.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 15

TIMBERLAKE ESTATES SOUTH$1,399,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 1



COPPERMINE CROSSING$594,990, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 15

EMERALD CHASE$639,000, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

FOX MILL ESTATES$535,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

FOX MILL ESTATES$679,900, 3br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 19

FOX MILL ESTATES$630,000, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

GRAND HAMPTONS$998,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 1

JEFFERSON MEWS$235,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 1

KINGSTON CHASE$575,000, 3br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

MC NAIR FARMS$500,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

MOSBY HEIGHTS$574,900, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

POTOMAC FAIRWAYS$449,900, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

RESERVE AT STONE HILL$1,200,000, 4br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

WORLDGATE$300,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 21



GUNSTON CORNER$470,000, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

NEWINGTON HEIGHTS$380,000, 2br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

POHICK SQUARE$380,000, 3br/2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 23

POHICK VILLAGE$425,000, 3br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

RACEWAY FARMS$749,950, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 26

SUMMIT OAKS$868,000, 4br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23



ARROWOOD$595,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

ARROWOOD$600,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 26

BLOOMS MILL$398,000, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 19

BLOOMS MILL$470,000, 4br/3ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 20

CAMPBELLS TRACE$375,000, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 23

FOX HOLLOW$725,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 27

HERITAGE CROSSING CONDOMINIUM$359,999, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 23

HOLLY FOREST$729,900, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

INDEPENDENCE$499,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

INDEPENDENCE$425,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 25

INDEPENDENT HILLS ESTATE$549,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

JACKSONS RIDGE CONDOS$310,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 1

MANASSAS$689,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

MEADOWBROOK WOODS$709,990, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 29

NONE AVAILABLE$1,295,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

NONE AVAILABLE$450,000, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30

PARADISE$410,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

PARADISE/BULL RUN$349,900, 2br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

QUAIL HOLLOW$375,000, 4br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 2

RIVERVIEW ESTATES$674,999, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

STONINGTON CONDOMINIUMS$230,000, 3br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

SUDLEY$390,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 19

SUDLEY MANOR$369,000, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 28

SUDLEY PLACE$335,000, 3br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

VISTA BROOKE$750,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

YORKSHIRE VILLAGE$549,900, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24



BRYN MAWR$725,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

CHEQUERS$1,999,950, 4br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 20

CHESTERBROOK$1,997,600, 7br/6.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: November 30

DEVON PARK$1,725,000, 5br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 26

ESTATES AT FRANKLIN PARK$1,795,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

OLDE SWINKS MILL ESTATES$2,400,000, 6br/6.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 3

POTOMAC ESTATES$1,683,000, 5br/5.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17



EDELINE MARY A PROP$1,000,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30



BENTANA WOODS$599,000, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 24

FOX MILL WOODS$899,900, 4br/3.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 29

RESTON$379,000, 3br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

RESTON$419,900, 3br/1.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

RESTON$489,000, 4br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

RESTON$889,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

RESTON$925,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

RESTON$549,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 25

RESTON$579,888, 4br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 25

RESTON$545,000, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 26

RESTON/NEWPORT$899,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 26

VINTAGE PLACE$579,999, 2br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 23



CARDINAL FOREST$345,000, 2br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 23

CHARLESTOWN$630,000, 3br/2.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

DAVENTRY$599,000, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

EDSALL ROAD PROPERTY$1,590,000, 5br/5.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

LAKEWOOD HILLS$699,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

LEEWOOD$519,900, 4br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

NEWINGTON FOREST$725,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

NEWINGTON FOREST$375,000, 2br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 2

NONE AVAILABLE$750,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

POHICK ESTATES$980,000, 5br/4.2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

ROLLING FOREST$750,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

ROLLING VALLEY$530,000, 3br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

SARATOGA TOWNHOUSES$449,900, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

SOUTH RUN$1,095,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

SPRINGHILL$559,900, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

TERRA GRANDE$679,900, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

TOWNES OF ORANGE HUNT TH$489,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16



CARPERS FARM$1,195,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 28

COURTS OF TYSONS$530,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

HAHN PROPERTY$725,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 17

LAKEVALE ESTATES$850,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

MARQUIS AT VIENNA STATION$275,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 16

ORCHARD VIEW$1,398,000, 7br/6.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 21

SUN VALLEY$880,000, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

TYSONS WEST$924,999, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

VIENNA$1,100,000, 6br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

VIRGINIA CENTER$778,000, 3br/3.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 2

WESTBRIAR CC MANOR$989,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

WESTBRIAR COUNTRY CLUB$925,000, 6br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24



ANTIETAM SQUARE CONDO$214,950, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 1

BEACON PARK I CONDOMINIU$360,000, 2br/2.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 24

BEAU RIDGE ESTATES$485,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 16

CARDINAL FOREST$520,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

COURTLANDT HEIGHTS$579,900, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

DALE CITY$295,000, 3br/1.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

DALE CITY$399,990, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

DALE CITY$410,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 23

DALE CITY$359,900, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

DALE CITY$485,000, 3br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

DALE CITY$409,999, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 29

DALE CITY$350,000, 3br/1.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 1

DAWSON LANDING$613,500, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 21

EAGLES POINTE$789,900, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

GREENWICH HILLS$349,900, 4br/3ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

HIGH POINTE AT RIPPON LANDING$240,000, 3br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 30

LAKE OCCOQUAN CLUB$580,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 25

LAKE RIDGE$320,000, 2br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

LAKE RIDGE$439,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 19

NEWPORT$499,900, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 27

NEWPORT ESTATES$549,931, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17

NONE AVAILABLE$365,000, 4br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

OLD BRIDGE ESTATES$355,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 16

PORT POTOMAC$725,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 29

POTOMAC CLUB$345,000, 3br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

POWELLS LANDING$490,000, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 24

PRINCE WILLIAM COMMONS$429,900, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

QUAKER HOMES FOWKE LANE$675,000, 5br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 24

RIVER FALLS$790,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 1

SEDGEWICK HEIGHTS$675,000, 5br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 26

SOMERSET AT WESTRIDGE CO$299,950, 2br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 18

STANLEY FOREST$625,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 18

THE COMMONS ON WILLIAM SQUARE$310,000, 3br/2.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 18

WESTRIDGE$399,000, 3br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 17