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Coming Soon to the MLS as of June 27, 2022

214 New Listings

Each week we find the latest list of properties that will be coming on the market, but not yet available to the public. Below is a list of coming soon & off-market properties in Northern Virginia for this week. To find out more information about any of these properties, please call our office at 703-420-3499 or click on the property link to request additional information.


BEACON MANOR$400,000, 2br/1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 1

BELLE HAVEN ESTATES$1,656,540, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 1

BERKSHIRE$592,500, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

BEVERLEY FOREST$1,175,000, 4br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 29

BOLLING BROOK$239,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 29

BUCKNELL MANOR$650,000, 4br/2ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 15

CAMERON STATION$370,000, 1br/1.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 16

CANAL PLACE$495,000, 2br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 7

CONDO AT ISLAND CREEK$415,000, 2br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 8

DEL RAY$419,000, 2br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 29

DYES OAKCREST$895,000, 3br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 7

FARRINGTON PLACE$168,400, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 30

GREENHOUSE$245,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 7

JEFFERSON GREEN$445,000, 2br/2.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

KINGSTOWNE$780,000, 3br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30

KINGSTOWNE$615,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 14

LANDMARK MEWS$850,000, 4br/3.2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

MOUNT VEE MANOR$495,000, 3br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 2

MOUNT ZEPHYR COMMONS$699,000, 4br/3.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30

MT VERNON ON THE POTOMAC$1,400,000, 4br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 29

MT ZEPHYR$659,900, 3br/2.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 16

NEW ALEXANDRIA$974,900, 5br/4ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: June 30

NONE AVAILABLE$330,000, 3br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 28

NONE AVAILABLE$1,140,000, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 17

OLD TOWN ALEXANDRIA$999,999, 3br/2ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 7

OLD TOWN GATEWAY$1,125,000, 4br/4ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 15

PARKSIDE AT ALEXANDRIA$400,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 13

PAVILION ON THE PARK$209,900, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 30

PINECREST$349,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 29

PINECREST$576,900, 2br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 9

PINEWOOD LAKE$505,000, 4br/2.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 16

PINEWOOD SOUTH$379,950, 3br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 15

POTOWMACK CROSSING$280,000, 1br/1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: June 30

QUAKER VILLAGE$763,900, 3br/3.1ba, Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 7

SEMINARY PARK$657,500, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 8

SHERRY HEIGHTS$849,990, 5br/4.1ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 14

STONEGATE$875,000, 3br/2.2ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: June 30

STONEYBROOKE$599,664, 3br/3ba, Detached, Expected on MLS: July 8

VALLEY PARK$299,000, 3br/1.1ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 15

VILLAGES OF MOUNT VERNON$399,900, 3br/1.1ba, Interior Townhome, Expected on MLS: July 12

WINDY HILL$390,000, 2br/2ba, Condo, Expected on MLS: July 15