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‘Highly recommend’ doesn’t even begin to capture the incredible experience we had working with Amelia Robinette to buy our first home! We were introduced to Amelia by her associate, Nicole Harding, who knew we would work efficiently together. We have zero regrets!

Amelia completely understood our vision for our future home and was able to schedule ‘hard to get showings’ and adjust to our changing needs. She informed us of off-market homes available. We ultimately had a unique FSBO experience and would not have been able to close the sale without Amelia’s positivity, transparency, and work ethic. She communicated regularly with the seller, ran comparisons in the area, provided pro’s and con’s of the property and finessed a contract that satisfied us all. Definitely give Amelia and her team a call if you are in the market for a fun and incredibly professional home buying experience!  

~Maura & Keith

Amelia is a truly world-class realtor that genuinely cares about her clients and gets results; my family can’t recommend her enough to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the greater DMV area.  

Thank you for the wonderful experience. Amelia and NoVa House & Home rocks!

~Chad & Alex

Dealing with Amelia as a fellow realtor was a great experience.  She is very responsive and overall just a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to working with her again as a fellow agent.  ~ Ashley

Amelia truly is fantastic. She really cares about you and will go out of her way to help you make the best and most informed decisions. This is my first home purchase. I started out completely in the dark about the process and what anything means. Amelia took the time and explained everything and helped me with each step. I’m learning a lot from this experience and I’m so happy to have Amelia on my side during all of this. She has continuously gone out of her way to help me make the best decision for me.   ~Steve

We had struggled in the crazy Washington, DC area housing market for months and we kept missing out on homes which was very frustrating. We knew we needed to try a new direction with someone who was knowledgeable and experienced. We did some research were lucky to find NOVA HOUSE AND HOME Results and connect with Amelia. Amelia sent us targeted properties which fit our criteria exactly. One home really stood out on our house tour and we decided to put in an offer. Amelia suggested we structure the deal in a particular way and it ended up being the winning offer! Amelia also worked closely with our lender and the seller’s agent to ensure the whole process went smoothly and we can’t thank her enough! We are now proud first time home owners!  ~Justyna S.

Amelia helped me and my husband, both first time home buyers, purchase our home in McLean! We had less than 6 months to look around as we are currently expecting, but Amelia was very patient with us, and we knew she wouldn’t settle for anything less than, just as if she were the one buying her home. She was very thorough, honest, and gave the best advice. We felt that she was absolutely knowledgeable in this area of homes and knew several efficient and trustworthy people to refer us to for the entire process.  

Amelia is also not just a great real estate agent, but she is a great person – she truly cares about her clients and wants what’s best for them. She does NOT put herself or anyone else first and makes you feel like she is there to work with you and be on your team.  We felt that we made a friend, more than an agent, and we hope to continue to keep in touch for any other future home endeavors we take on!  ~MJ..

We were first-time homebuyers, and Amelia was very helpful. She kept us informed well in advance of anything that was due, and took care of several things behind the scenes. She also helped us negotiate things in the inspection process which were more than we would have known to ask for. Great experience.               ~ Eric and Mary

Amelia was such a great adviser for us. Provided all the information we needed to find our perfect home and negotiated an amazing deal.  We’re so happy here!
~ The Smith Family

Amelia was generous of her time and expertise by answering my question about title insurance, despite having nothing to gain as we reside 1,000 miles apart.  I was impressed by her knowledge and grateful for her kindness.  ~Jim

Before contacting Amelia, I knew absolutely nothing about buying a home, but she did a marvelous job of never leaving me in the dark during any step and explaining everything in a way that someone with no real estate or home buying experience could understand. During this whole process I never once thought she was not the right fit for me or that she did not have my best interest at heart. Even though buying your first home can be a terrifying process, Amelia has a way of reassuring you that everything will work out in the end. I could not have asked for a better experience or a better realtor, and would never think about going to anyone else.  ~Becca

Amelia was a joy to work with when I sold my home. She is smart, savvy and diligent. I know my best interests were represented throughout the process. And she knows the NOVA area really well.  ~Nancy

Amelia & the NoVa House and Homes team are top-notch! They helped us buy our second home and sell our first one in a very competitive market. Amelia took the time to really understand what we were looking for and displayed a proactive and hands-on approach to helping us find the perfect home. This included scouting out yet-to-be listed homes in our target neighborhood, gathering intel from fellow agents, entertaining our kids during house tours, and sending detailed emails outlining key next steps along our journey. She was also just so fun to be around—we miss seeing her regularly!

With Amelia’s guidance we bested eight other competing offers on our new house and were able to land a buyer within four days of listing our first house. She was backed up by Nicole, who went above and beyond to help us get our house ready for showings and quickly under contract while providing expert advice throughout the process. We highly recommend Amelia and the team; they certainly live up to their name!  ~Rob & Melissa

We’ve made a handful of moves and real estate decisions the last 10 or so years. Every time we consider anything that has to do with our home and the wealth tied to our home, we contact Amelia. She does the most amazing research, disseminates the data and analyzes it specifically for our situation. When you work with Amelia, you’ll get thoughtful, carefully considered choices. You’ll know your options and she’ll never push or pressure you to do anything that’s not in your best interest. We’ll continue to look to Amelia for all of our real estate needs, and continue to recommend her whenever we have the opportunity.  ~Mike & Jen

We called up Nova House and Home to work with Amelia. She was the perfect agent for us as first time homebuyers! She was knowledgeable about the home buying process generally and the Northern Virginia market specifically. These things, however, are kind of the standard you’d expect from any good agent. 

What made Amelia special was the care, thoughtfulness, and patience she put into the process of finding us our dream home. We came in telling her that we weren’t exactly in a rush to buy, and she kept showing us a variety of properties, but NEVER pressured us to buy or even tour a specific home. Instead, she asked questions, helped us narrow in on our priorities, and helped identify things that were or weren’t significant problems in a given property.

The end result was finding a home with a space-location combination that we didn’t think would be in our budget! And on top of that, she made the whole thing as enjoyable and low stress as possible.I cannot recommend her highly enough.  ~Chris B.

We highly recommend the NoVa House and Home team for all your realtor needs! Our realtor was Amelia, and we couldn’t be happier. She was the perfect partner every step of the way, from buying to selling. We have worked with realtors before, and she went above and beyond in every way. We were looking to buy in a very competitive NoVA area, and her knowledge and experience helped us get our dream home for a great price, and sell our current home quickly. We also worked with Nicole Harding to sell our home, and they are both extremely pleasant to work with, knowledgeable, professional, and so helpful. They even helped us find and set up contractors, inspectors, and even do a little furnishing… The entire team knows buying a house in the competitive Northern Virginia area is stressful but did everything they could to make the process smooth for their client. We are very grateful to NoVa House and Home, and we will be recommending them to all our friends and family.  ~Wen F.

I cannot recommend Amelia enough!!! From the beginning she was attentive and a blast to work with. Amelia was flexible and adapted quickly through several locations/styles of homes as our priorities shifted from learning more about the process. As first time homebuyers, we felt incredibly confident because Amelia walked us through every step and kept us informed. Her positive attitude and invaluable knowledge of the area is truly unbeatable! ~Savannah K.

Amelia did a wonderful job – She was a true guide for us through both buying and selling. She helped us find the home we were hoping to find and also was amazing when it came to addressing any concerns or confusion along the way. She maintained continuous communications with us, kept us informed, and really showed she had our best interests in mind (which is rare to find these days). It was great to work with her and we definitely would again! Highly Recommend! Thanks Amelia!! ~ L. Fish

You won’t regret going with NoVa House and Home. Amelia and the team are the absolute best! Her attention to detail, spot on recommendations, pit bull negotiating skills, and unexpected but sorely needed advice made our home buying experience the best it could possibly be. ~ Cynthia D.

Amelia made selling my condo virtually painless! She really knows her stuff and will be straight and honest with you. I had a contract right away and settlement was a breeze! 🙂 ~Barb L.

Gosh, I really wanted to write Amelia the greatest review of all time, which is precisely what she deserves, but I just can’t seem to find the time, so I am going to offer these rather brief comments:
– Amelia sold a home for me in an astonishingly short amount of time, and helped me to obtain a much better price than I had expected
– She had every single detail accounted for, in a somewhat complicated sale – most of these things she thought of and addressed well in advance, before I even knew they were coming
– She took extraordinary steps to protect my interests, and to assist me in ways that went well beyond the scope of what is typically expected of a real estate agent; sometimes even to her own detriment, in order to help me further
– Her counsel and assistance regarding all matters was spot-on, zero-pressure, and made the entire process smooth and worry-free
– She kept me well-informed throughout the entire process
There is much more to say, but to sum up: I strongly recommend Amelia – and I have been in the real estate business for over 20 years, in several states, and have seen many agents in action. Amelia is possibly the best I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. Look no further, give her a call! ~B.D.

I can’t imagine going through the journey of being a first-time home-buyer with anyone other than Amelia Robinette. At the very beginning of the COVID crisis, I reached out to Amelia asking if she thought I would be crazy to suggest searching for a home ASAP. With zero hesitation, Amelia took me under her wing, miraculously located hand sanitizer, and we set out to find me a home!

While I do currently have crazy good job security (I work in infectious disease), I am also a single mother and I had a restrictive budget with which to work. It took a little while and a lot of patience on my part (I was just TOO excited!) for us to find the right home, but we did! Amelia was basically a miracle-worker: she found me a single-family home within my budget, within my school district (inside the Beltway!), BEFORE the house went to market. In a SUPER HOT seller’s market, I was able to purchase a home for a price similar to many townhomes in the area.

Not only did we have great overall success, but I also trust Amelia explicitly with all the “scary” (to me) details that come with purchasing a home for the first time. Going into this process, I had no clue how to go about getting home inspections, title searches, etc., and fear of this process was a huge hurdle I never even had to jump because Amelia guided me through the entire obstacle course. I truly don’t think I can overemphasize that Amelia is an amazing real estate expert, AND an honestly good human being. My real estate motto: “Trust in Amelia.” ~Lindsay

Amelia is one of the most competent and capable Real Estate professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with during my career. Her knowledge of the local Real Estate market, combined with the extraordinarily personal approach she takes with each client, really separates her from the pack. Amelia truly has a heart for serving others, and this is reflected in the care and attention she gives to everyone around her. I could not recommend her more highly! 

~Mark Bragaw, McLean Mortgage Lender

As someone completely disinterested in the buying and selling nonsense that comes up- Amelia was indispensable. From the start, as we were in no rush to find a new home, Amelia kept pace with our search schedule. Never trying to push us into an open house, always wanting to know what aspects we found appealing or not. When we did finally find a house we were interested in, Amelia went right to work trying to help us make the best possible, reasonable, and likely-to-win offer we could. Once we were in a contract Amelia really sparkled. Her consistency in being able to communicate effectively with us and the sellers was a constant support, right up through settlement. Post settlement, Amelia was just as helpful trying up any loose ends, answering any final questions, and ensuring we had every bit of information we needed.   ~Seth M.

Amelia is the best. She has an amazing knowledge of the northern Virginia market; she takes the time to learn your criteria for the home for which you are searching; and she works very hard to find that home for you, even going door to door looking for potential sellers. She helped us find and purchase a great house. Incidentally, she’s also a really fun and engaging person. If we ever buy again, we will call her. ~ J.E.

I highly recommend Amelia. My wife and I could not have asked for a better agent and we were very lucky to find her. We were both first time home buyers. She did a great job walking us through the process and got us an amazing deal on a house. If you’re in the market, you should definitely contact her. We will be contacting her on our next purchase. ~Patrick B.

We were new to Virginia and looking for a home. We were referred to Amelia by our realtor (who was going to be out of town). We are so thankful things worked out as they did. Amelia was such a joy to work with! She had expert knowledge of the NOVA area. She was so kind, positive, and professional. She was prompt and organized. She was always one step ahead of us. We could not be more pleased with our experience with Amelia. I would recommend her to anyone. ~ Olivia G.

Amelia is a consummate professional. I especially appreciate her high level of service and passion for educating me as a home-buyer. Her knowledge of the Northern Virginia market is second to none, and I consider her to be an invaluable resource for both home buyers and sellers.  ~Esther R.B.

As someone who has had some challenging realtor experiences in the past, I found my experience purchasing a home with Amelia’s help to be quite refreshing. She was able to talk the big picture of real estate pricing strategy, and still take the time to pay attention to the little things like taste in a kitchen. If I had to pick just one best thing about working with her, it would be a toss-up between her knowledge, calm business demeanor, and availability. We had several deadline chats in the evening hours, and it was apparent that she cared the house was right. She kept her word, and never pressured — even up to closing. She is someone I’d be glad to keep in my circle as I gain more real estate experience, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a forever home or an investment, or both.  ~ Dan B.

Amelia recently completed selling our house and also represented us as buyers on our next house. We knew she was exceptional from the first time we met her based on how thorough she was with her analysis of the market for our home we were selling. Her marketing plan for our home was very detailed and gave us confidence it would sell quickly, which was very important considering we were also purchasing at the same time. She went above and beyond in every aspect of both our transactions. She made what would have been an extremely stressful process into a fast and efficient one. We can’t recommend her enough!  ~Eric J. 

Amelia approached my search for a condo in Northern Virginia as a true partnership, from our very first contact. My work and personal commitments limit any big projects I can take on, including that of a home search. Thanks to Amelia’s expertise and top-notch customer service, in just two weekends of actively looking, we identified and placed an offer on a property.

An important facet of her expertise includes a knack for seamlessly blending the art and science of matching a customer with a property that feels like home.  The art – She understood the importance of providing me with first-hand experiences of different floor plans, features, locations, etc. She also appreciated the importance of factors I sometimes think of as intangible.  The science –Amelia asked the right questions, enabling us to quickly narrow down my priorities, and she supported the priority I place on data by providing me with details on comps and trends and patiently answering my questions.

As a result, I am now preparing to move into a place that already feels like home. I highly recommend Amelia!!  ~Christine A.