We at NoVa House and Home are excited about our new roles as Community Ambassadors, Financial Advisors and Meals on Wheels food delivery.

Our charge as Community Ambassadors is to spread the word about the available programs to older and disable adults in our neighborhoods. The County offers so many services, if you or a caregiver needs a little help, please call. This isn’t charity, the programs are not just for the poor, the services are for all of our community.

As financial helpers, we help our community members create budgets, manage their bills and make sure they’re receiving their property tax relief. Many many people have ‘crammed’ charges on their phone bills and credit cards, are paying too high interest rates and aren’t taking advantage of the property tax benefits available. We’ve been able to help our neighbors save from $150 – $500/month by just making some phone calls and helping with paperwork. Another money saving service available is the VICAP (Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program). They’ve also been able to save community members $100s a month. Imagine an extra $200-$600/month in your pocket?

If you want more information about the available services, you can call the number below, or contact us and we’ll get you to the right County volunteer supervisor. Or visit the county website to see all the services available:¬†http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/dfs/olderadultservices/