Nova House and Home

Testimonial from Lindsay

I can’t imagine going through the journey of being a first-time home-buyer with anyone other than Amelia Robinette. At the very beginning of the COVID crisis, I reached out to Amelia asking if she thought I would be crazy to suggest searching for a home ASAP. With zero hesitation, Amelia took me under her wing, miraculously located hand sanitizer, and we set out to find me a home!

While I do currently have crazy good job security (I work in infectious disease), I am also a single mother and I had a restrictive budget with which to work. It took a little while and a lot of patience on my part (I was just TOO excited!) for us to find the right home, but we did! Amelia was basically a miracle-worker: she found me a single-family home within my budget, within my school district (inside the Beltway!), BEFORE the house went to market. In a SUPER HOT seller’s market, I was able to purchase a home for a price similar to many townhomes in the area.

Not only did we have great overall success, but I also trust Amelia explicitly with all the “scary” (to me) details that come with purchasing a home for the first time. Going into this process, I had no clue how to go about getting home inspections, title searches, etc., and fear of this process was a huge hurdle I never even had to jump because Amelia guided me through the entire obstacle course. I truly don’t think I can overemphasize that Amelia is an amazing real estate expert, AND an honestly good human being. My real estate motto: “Trust in Amelia.”