Nova House and Home

Testimonial from Christine A.

Amelia approached my search for a condo in Northern Virginia as a true partnership, from our very first contact. My work and personal commitments limit any big projects I can take on, including that of a home search. Thanks to Amelia’s expertise and top-notch customer service, in just two weekends of actively looking, we identified and placed an offer on a property.

An important facet of her expertise includes a knack for seamlessly blending the art and science of matching a customer with a property that feels like home. The art – She understood the importance of providing me with first-hand experiences of different floor plans, features, locations, etc. She also appreciated the importance of factors I sometimes think of as intangible. The science –Amelia asked the right questions, enabling us to quickly narrow down my priorities, and she supported the priority I place on data by providing me with details on comps and trends and patiently answering my questions.

As a result, I am now preparing to move into a place that already feels like home. I highly recommend Amelia!!