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You don’t need a cookie cutter solution.

You need a custom designed plan that works for and your family. There are more than 200 details that need to be worked out when selling or buying a home, some trivial, some critical.

Here’s a recent success story. A family of 4 with 2 dogs and 1 cat need to relocate, two full time jobs, prolific volunteer with lots of friends and a full social life. I’m not quite sure how they got that much done in a day, imagine finding schools 1,000 miles away, finding a place to live a 1,000 miles away, and trying to prepare a house for sale. This is a family with a lot of stuff – just like the rest of us!

The “right” thing to do is disrupt this family even more have them clear out 75% of the belongings, use every free minute of their time cleaning, patching, replacing carpet, refinishing floors, painting, moving furniture, or ask them to spend $1,000s hiring someone else to do the work. No less disruptive, just more expensive. This is a family that needs a custom plan. The cookie cutter plan isn’t going to work here. This family needed a solution that worked best for them.

First we looked at the money. Money could trump all the difficulties in preparing a home for market, but we can’t approach the conversation with that assumption. We need to analyze the market, the personal facts, the money, the time and the hassle. We spent several hours going through the options available and came up with the best plan that works for them and ONLY them. Having a perfect plan doesn’t make the process any less stressful, there are so many details that need to be managed, but we’re ticking each item off the list and moving forward.

Let’s get together to talk about what you need and design YOUR perfect strategy.

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