11 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? A neighborly place may seem rare these days, but we’re seeing a sense of community becoming more and more important to home buyers.

Here are some tips on HOW TO BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR


Be open and welcome new comers
2093232_sIt can be awkward starting a conversation with a random stranger, especially if you’ve been neighbors for months, or possibly years. Would you be upset if someone showed up to introduce themselves with a bottle of wine or a plate of brownies? Probably not, so go for it! It doesn’t mean you’ll be best friends for life, but at least you’ll know who you’re waving good morning or good evening to.



Strike up a conversation 10498288_s
When you see a neighbor doing yard work or walking their dog, strike up a conversation. Keep it light and avoid touchy subjects, until you get to know them better at least!




Don’t be nosey
5940252_sToo many personal questions or snooping around someone’s house is simply not cool. Be respectful of their privacy and don’t pry. Allow them to open up as they’re ready to share.

Too many personal questions or snooping around someone’s house is simply not cool. Be respectful of their privacy and don’t pry. Allow them to open up as they’re ready to share.


Sometimes a little nosey isn’t bad, it’s great to keep an eye out for your neighbor’s house when they’re out of town, or check in if something seems amiss. Keep your neighbors phone numbers handy so you can check with them if this happens. If it’s seems severe, don’t be afraid to call your local police non-emergency number and ask them to have a look.


Be a good pet owner
27523736_sWanna make an enemy real quick? Then leave a barking dog outside all day/night or let your dog poop on the neighbor’s yard and don’t pick it up. Don’t let your pet be your neighbor’s problem.




Invite your neighbors to the party
7244364_sNot every event you throw will be appropriate to invite neighbors. If you’re going to have a big bash, invite them. They may or may not come, but it’s less likely they’ll call the cops if you go a little late or a little loud. Host a block party or open house. Ask everyone to bring a specialty appetizer or beverage. Low cost way to get to know people and let them get to know you a bit.



white house with red door


Take care of your yard
Keep your yard mowed and tidy. It doesn’t have to be a professional English Garden, just take basic care of your space. I’m a gardener, so whenever we make an improvement in the front yard my neighbor says “your yard looks so great, now my wife is gonna make me do something in our yard – thanks a lot!” He’s joking of course, I know that they appreciate the garden and enjoy it as much as we do.


27655215_sHelp out if your neighbor is sick or out of town

If you know your neighbor is going through a hard time, why not help out by mowing their lawn for them? This kindness will do wonders for a great relationship. Imagine your lawn is getting long and you just can’t deal with it – what an amazing gift to come home and see that it’s taken care of.

Don’t ask for too much
It’s OK to ask for a hand every now and then, we all need help from time to time. But don’t take advantage!

Give some space
No one wants to be “that guy” everyone avoids because they overstep boundaries. If your neighbor seems busy, don’t interrupt and keep talking when it’s clear they have things to do. If there’s something specific you need to discuss, ask “is this a good time?”

If you borrow something, don’t forget to give it back

10941819_sOne great thing about neighbors is that there’s usually someone with that tool you only need once in a blue moon. Instead of buying it, friendly neighbors are usually glad to let you borrow it. If you break it, replace it. Don’t forget to return it in as good or better working order than when you borrowed it.



Golden rule – start with being a good neighbor


You can’t control how other people behave, but you can always control your own actions. Don’t be a jerk, keep communications friendly. You’ll usually get the same in return.




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